Floor Scrubber Battery Maintenance | FAQ's

How to Maintain Floor Scrubber Batteries

Maintain water levels in each cell of each battery to ¼ of an inch above the cell battery plates with distilled water. Do not allow the plates to be exposed to air.

Charge your floor scrubber batteries often and after every use. If your floor scrubber sits for more than 10 days, charge your batteries again. If it has been plugged into a charger for 10 days, unplug the charger from the floor scrubber and reconnect the charger for another full cycle.

Do not let your batteries run to empty so the machine will operate. This may kill the batteries over time and cause damage to them.

Inspect batteries monthly for loose cables, connections or corrosion. Tighten and clean as necessary.

Do not let your floor scrubber sit around for long periods of time without charging. This may cause sulfating of the battery which causes permanent damage.



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