My Floor Scrubber Will Not Pickup Up Water | FAQ's

My Automatic Floor Scrubber is Not Picking Up Water:

Make sure vac motor is running, if not you could have a bad vac motor

Make sure hose is attached to squeegee assembly and tight

Make sure hose is attached to recovery tank and tight

Make sure vac hose does not have any holes, slices, cracks or loose fittings

Make sure squeegee is not worn down and leaving streaks

Make sure squeegee is not dirty and clean it

Ensure squeegee and squeegee blades are level and tight and haven’t been bent out of place.

Inspect hose and make sure it is not clogged with debris by flushing the hose

Clean the recovery tank and flush with hose

Test the water level float in the recovery tank and make sure it functions properly

Ensure the tank lid is installed in the correct position, tight and the gasket is not worn, ripped or missing.



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