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Janitorial & Commercial Floor Cleaning Chemicals in Columbia SC

Lifetime Equipment is a nationwide distributor of floor cleaning chemicals centrally located in South Carolina.  We ship chemicals nationwide to schools, governments, retail stores, warehouses, auto dealerships, commercial businesses, industrial facilities and more. 

Delivery to your door!

We have expertise to help you select the correct chemical for your floors, including carpet extraction, floor finish removing, floor finish stripping, disinfecting, mop applications, auto floor scrubbers, cement plant floor, quarry floors, cement and concrete plant floors, warehouse floor, malls, showrooms or anything that you need cleaned.

All purpose cleaners

Auto floor scrubber chemical

Carpet cleaning





Solid emulsion degreaser

Biodegradable detergents

Neutral cleaner

Glass cleaner

Sold floor cleaner

Concrete cleaner



Call Lifetime Equipment today at (803) 261-7495 and we will be happy to assist in your chemical purchase. 


Tennant Purple Neutral Purpose Cleaner 2 x 2.5 gallon

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