Allied’s Lithium Solutions


A dealer can now convert a golf cart from lead acid batteries to Allied lithium batteries in less than 30 minutes using the same wiring, cables and charger as lead acid batteries. While Allied encourages people to use their existing lead acid chargers, they also offer lithium chargers with the OEM golf cart plug.

Allied lithium batteries are produced with LifePO4 lithium chemistry and when combined with their battery management system is the safest battery available. Even safer than lead acid, mainly because they do not contain lead or acid. These sealed batteries are non-combustible and non-flammable. The combination of Allied’s lower cost and improved technology of lithium batteries is making the conversion from lead acid to lithium the logical choice.

Which set is right for my customers?

40AH: 15–20 miles per charge
50AH: 25–30 miles per charge
60AH: 35–40 miles per charge
80AH: 50–55 miles per charge
100AH: 60+ miles per charge
The average 18-hole round of golf is 6 miles.

Allied Lithium Also Ideal for 72v People Movers
Converting 6 and 8 passenger lead acid people mover reduces the weight of the vehicle by roughly 400 lbs! Plus the ability for quick charge (opportunity charging) during the day. A 30-minute quick charge will add 10 miles of range to this vehicle. The reduced battery weight also allows the car to carry a full load of passengers and luggage without draining the batteries. While lead acid is too much weight for these vehicles, gas powered are loud and clunky. And conversion is just as simple as 36v or 48v golf cars – same wires, cables and charger.

Free Shipping to Your Store
Because of how safe LifePO4 batteries are FedEx and UPS have approved them for both ground and air shipments. So to take the guesswork out of shipping costs; free shipping is provided to your door in the continental U.S.

A Protected Investment
Allied provides a 7-year prorated warranty so your customers are assured they will receive the full value of their investment. With a life of 3000 – 5000 cycles, the batteries are expected to last over 10 years.

Great for Long Term Storage
Allied Lithium batteries are ready to drive even after months in storage. This is due to their low self-discharge rate of just 2%–3% per month as opposed to lead acid with a self-discharge rate of 25%–33% per month. In addition, it is very harmful for a lead acid battery to be discharged below 50% of its capacity. Snowbirds enjoy the benefit of leaving their cart in storage for the summer months.

Value Proposition
In past years there were two main factors preventing lithium batteries becoming the dominant battery solution. First was safety concerns and second was price. In recent years Allied has solved the safety concerns by using LifePO4 chemistry and a state of the art battery management system. Allied’s volume production has brought down the cost of lithium considerably where the cost/benefit is now overwhelmingly tilted in favor of lithium.

For more information or to become an Allied Lithium Dealer visit or call 833.949.0025.

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