Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Floor Scrubber Questions

What is a cylindrical floor scrubber?
A cylindrical floor scrubber has cylindrical brushes that are cylinder shaped. They roll on the floor to scrub and wash, then pick up debris.

What is a disk floor scrubber?
Disk (round) shaped brushes that rotate on the floor in a circular motion, then pick up debris.

What is a traction drive floor scrubber?
A traction drive floor scrubber has electric motors that propel the scrubber forward and backward.

What is a brush driven floor scrubber?
A brush driven floor scrubber has two disks (round) shaped brushes that rotate in opposite directions and propels the scrubber forward.

Should I use scrubbing pads or brushes?
Scrubbing pads should be used on smooth surfaces.  Scrubbing brushes should be used on uneven surfaces, like grount.


Floor Buffer Questions

What is a low speed buffer used for?
A low speed buffer usually does 175 revolutions per minute and can be used on solid and wood floors.  These machines are very versitale.

What is a high speed buffer used for?
 A high speed buffer is referred to as a floor burnisher and works at 1,500 to 3,000 revolutions per minute.  Burnishers are efficient at buffing hard surfaces.


Carpet Cleaner/Extractor Questions

What is the difference between a carpet cleaner and a carpet extractor?
A typical carpet cleaner is limited to the temperature of the water you add to the unit.  A carpet extractor typically has highly heated water and a stronger suction for a better carpet cleaning.


Wet Dry Vac Questions

Can I reuse the dry filter in shop vac?
A dry vac filter can be reused, however it should be completely dried prior to any use.  The filter should be hand cleaned and not put in a washer or dryer.

What is a Wet Dry Vac used for?
A wet dry vac is used to pick up dry spills or wet spills.  It is not a carpet cleaner, but can pick up wet spills and solution from a carpet.



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