Hitachi Maintains Their Reputation with Tennant’s T12


Their vision is total customer satisfaction, underpinned by their core values of safety, quality, and value. Hitachi continually strives to improve their standards for customers by providing the higher quality equipment, staying on top of technology development, and ensuring the safety of employees.



Hitachi’s Perth facility, based in Forrestdale, is strategically located to support customers in the Perth area and broader West Australian market. The facility has a number of specialised buildings, including 2 large area industrial workshops. One workshop is mainly used for building and repairing heavy equipment. While the second is a component re-manufacturing facility. Hitachi Perth was facing three main challenges that come with running a busy workshop:

Hazards – They needed to ensure the safety of staff by keeping the floors clean, dry, and free of any oil spills and grease.
Reputation – As a global manufacturer known for quality equipment, they needed to maintain the facility’s image to match.
Quality Control – Because they maintain expensive, high-precision equipment, it’s essential for them to minimise dirt and potential contamination in the environment.


Hitachi needed a cleaning solution that would take care of any dirt, dust, grease, and spills. That way, they could meet their quality control measures, ensure greater staff safety, and maintain their strong reputation as a trusted brand.

They contacted Tennant, looking for a compact, robust, and reliable machine that would be efficient, simple, and intuitive for staff to operate. And most importantly, provide clean, safe, and dry floors. Hitachi chose the T12 Ride-On Scrubber, with the optional overhead guard to provide operators with added safety while at work.


The battery operated T12 scrubber is a heavy-duty machine with a wide scrub path, while still remaining compact and easily maneuverable. This makes it perfect for an industrial workshop. And with the T12’s TennantTrue® squeegees and effective vacuum system, floors are left streakfree and almost totally dry, for an image-enhancing, non-slip finish that’s instantly ready for traffic. 

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