Is My Floor Scrubber Charger Bad – Batteries Will Not Charge

My Floor Scrubber Charger Will Not Turn On and Charge

The most frequent question we get concerning problems automatic floor scrubbers is a suspected bad battery charger. If you haven’t used your floor scrubber in a long time, the batteries are dead and the charger doesn’t charge the batteries – most of the time it is the batteries.

If your batteries have not been used or charged in a while and are fully discharged, the charger will not detect the voltage and will not be able to charge.

If you use a voltage meter and they are reading low voltage then your batteries are probably still good but don’t have enough juice to turn on the charger.

How to fix this?

The easiest way to get your batteries to start charging again is to charge each one individually for a short period with a standard automotive-type battery charger. But first, check the water levels in each cell, make sure the plates inside are covered.

If your charger is the typical 12-volt automotive charger, disconnect the batteries from each other and charge each one individually for about 25 minutes.

If your floor scrubber uses 6-volt batteries, charge two batteries at a time rather than individually.

If you try and revive 8-volt batteries remember that you are pumping 12-volts into an 8-volt container which you shouldn’t do for more than 15 minutes max. Keep a close eye on the batteries when do this and do not leave them unattended. Once the batteries have absorbed a small charge you will be able to then connect them to you floor scrubber charger. This unit should then be able to take over the charge cycle.



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