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Nursing Home and Extended Care Facility – Custodial & Janitorial Equipment

Nursing homes are a place that need to have their floors clean and free from dirt build up and bacteria. Many areas of the facility can have lot of foot traffic or require extra care due to patents needs. The custodial staff needs to keep in mind machine noises, square foot of the facility, slip and fall hazards and air quality as well.

Lifetime Equipment is a South Carolina based retailers of Floor Scrubbers, Sweepers, Buffers, Polishers, Wet Dry Vacs and Chemicals. We ship nationwide with shipping on all orders over $99 and can assist you in making the right machine choice for your facility.


Powr Flite Predator 20 Inch Battery Floor Scrubber PAS20BA BC 01

Bids and Quotes

Please contact us today if you would like to get a recommendation, quote or have Lifetime Equipment submit a bid on a piece of equipment you are interested in.

Nursing Home Floor Scrubbers

Almost all facilities need to invest in walk behind and ride on floor scrubbers. Most facilities invest in battery powered machines that are easy to charge, maneuver and maintain. Floor Scrubbers lay down soap, scrub the floor and have a self-tracking squeegee behind them that will leave the floor clean & dry after one floor pass. The custodial staff will not have to worry about slip and fall hazards anymore, like you would with a mop and a bucket.

Floor Scrubber Noise Levels

Lifetime Equipment carries floor scrubbers that meet the rigid requirements of sound in hospitals. We also have vacuums and wet dry vac’s that will meet these expectations as well.

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