Powr-Flite Classic Corded 13 Inch Floor Buffer

New Unit – Powr-Flite


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Powr-Flite’s 13″ 1 hp Classic floor machine uses the most technologically advanced motor, transmission and electrical components in a rugged all-metal housing.

Powr-Flite 13″ 1 hp Classic Metal Floor Machine


• Compact 13″ cleaning width
• Versatile 1 hp, 175 RPM motor
• All Steel Triple Planetary Gear Box
• Uses 13″ Pads / 11″ Brushes
• Thumb activated safety interlock switch prevents accidental start ups
• High polish chrome finish is chip and corrosive resistant, keeping the Classic looking newer longer
• Full surround non-marking bumpers help prevent damage to walls and furniture
• Each machine is assembled and tested by skilled American workers

This 13″ 1 hp Classic Floor Machine is a great all-purpose floor machine for use in smaller areas. 175 RPM is considered the most versatile speed for floor machines, allowing you to complete a wide variety of jobs – including scrubbing, buffing and polishing.

Pad drivers sold separately.

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