4 Facility Tips to Help Retain Employees and Boost Morale


“Providing solutions that help employees complete their jobs effectively and with ease is an essential component to promoting a culture of positivity and wellness,” said John Engel, director of Marketing, Cintas Facility Services. “Outsourcing difficult or unpleasant tasks along with implementing wellness products shows that you value your employees’ health, safety and happiness.”

Cintas offers the following tips to help promote a positive work environment:

1. Implement high-quality, anti-fatigue mats: For employees required to stand for long periods of time, provide anti-fatigue mats to deliver standing comfort throughout the day. Not all anti-fatigue mats are created equal, so it’s important to research options and select quality products with bounce-back technology that is proven to reduce discomfort. This will help employees feel more comfortable and productive throughout the workday. Other mat attributes to consider are easy-to-clean surfaces and a dual gripper system to help them stay in place on both hard surfaces and carpet.

2. Outsource restroom deep cleaning and stocking: Everyone loves a clean restroom, but not everyone loves cleaning it. Consider partnering with a provider for deep restroom cleaning to take the heavy-duty tasks off of employees. This will ensure restrooms are professionally cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, enabling employees to complete daily restroom maintenance with ease. In addition, consider a restroom supply service to guarantee the restroom is always stocked with quality products for employees. Supplies to consider include hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, air fresheners and toilet seat cleaners.

3. Supply hand hygiene products: To promote a healthy environment and help prevent the spread of germs, provide hand sanitizer dispensing stations. Select quality sanitizer that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, but is gentle enough for everyday use. Look for a sanitizer that contains a moisturizing agent to help keep hands soft and protect against drying skin.

4. Clean regularly with safe, effective tools and chemicals: Employees value cleaning transparency from their employers. Implement microfiber mops, wipes and duster tools for effective, sustainable cleaning. In addition, consider a cleaning chemical service that offers properly diluted, Green-Seal-certified chemicals that are proven safe for health and the environment. For added protection, consider disinfectant and sanitizer spray services to help eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria from surfaces.

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