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7 Things We Need to Know about Recessions

While there is no certainty the U.S. will be entering a recession, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who has an excellent record of predicting economic trends, says a U.S. recession in the next few years is more likely than not.


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4 Facility Tips to Help Retain Employees and Boost Morale

As the labor shortage continues to affect organizations across the U.S., it’s critical for businesses to provide a clean, enjoyable and supportive work environment. Cintas Corporation shares tips to help businesses enhance the workplace atmosphere to improve employee retention and boost morale.


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Heat Illness Prevention Tips for Peak Summer Months

Especially for custodial staffs tasked with exterior maintenance and other outdoor-related responsibilities, it’s critical to make sure frontline workers are properly checking in on themselves and their fellow employees as temperatures rise to dangerously levels hot across the country and will continue so for the next couple of months.


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Five Essential Tips for Spring Cleaning Facilities

Spring is an opportune time to conduct a thorough cleaning to revitalize a facility from the effects of winter. Cintas Corporation, shared five tips to help business owners and facility managers spring clean their facilities to create an organized, clean and inviting atmosphere.


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