Five Essential Tips for Spring Cleaning Facilities

Spring is an opportune time to conduct a thorough cleaning to revitalize a facility from the effects of winter. Cintas Corporation, shared five tips to help business owners and facility managers spring clean their facilities to create an organized, clean and inviting atmosphere.


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How Robotic Floor Scrubbers Help Solve Labor Shortages

Labor pressures are always top-of-mind for facility managers, but right now, it seems like a perfect storm: People are leaving jobs more frequently than ever amid the so-called “Great Resignation” of 2021, and labor shortages in every industry are driving up costs. Moreover, the labor challenges are coming when facilities are striving to meet higher standards for cleanliness and disinfection.



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Lead Acid Battery Watering Tips

The battery is the beating heart of your cleaning machine — and flooded lead acid battery maintenance is critical to optimizing the run time and overall performance of your floor cleaning equipment.


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How to Remove Odors from Automobile Interiors

People spend a great deal of time traveling by car, whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket for groceries, a daily commute to work, or a long road trip with friends or family. With so much time spent on the road, it’s only natural that many vehicles pick up an odor at some point.


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