How Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Benefits Facilities


, the importance of environmentally-friendly cleaning is re-entering the fold as a priority — continuing the momentum industrywide that has been gaining for the larger part of the past decade-plus.

As reported by Times Square Chronicles, the adoption of environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques can provide a wide array of benefits not only for the health of frontline custodians and occupants, but for facility perception as well.

Branding Benefits

Be it a conventional office or retail business, promoting environmental stewardship can go along way in boosting brand perception or even convincing quality employees to join the company in the first place. By promoting green cleaning practices — such as investing into ventilation systems that improve indoor air quality — businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and make occupants feel more at ease about working at or patronizing a facility.

Safer Chemical Usage

While facilities must avoid the pitfalls of “Greenwashing” — which stems from manufacturers misleading end-users with marketing verbiage that conveys green without getting actual certification or having safe ingredients —facilities can take steps to make sure the cleaning solutions being used are both effective and safe for staff and occupants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a wide variety of lists and resources (such as Safer Choice) that facility managers or building service contractors (BSCs) can utilize to vet the authenticity of cleaning chemicals.

For tips on how to launch a successful green cleaning program, check out this Facility Cleaning Decisions feature.

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