Five Essential Tips for Spring Cleaning Facilities


“Dirt, debris and dust can build up during the winter months and leave a facility looking dirty and dull,” says John Engel, director of Marketing, Cintas. “Partnering with a professional services provider that offers flexible programs can give your facility a fresh look to help enhance your business’s image and provide confidence that your facility is clean.”

Cintas offers the following spring-cleaning tips:

Organize and stock supply closets: Spring is an ideal time to clean out closets and evaluate cleaning supply needs. To help keep closets clutter-free, consider partnering with a provider who delivers supplies on demand. This ensures you will always have the right cleaning supplies and trusted brands available without tying up money in inventory.

Clean, disinfect and sanitize surfaces: To help remove and prevent germs from spreading in a facility, consider an on-site surface disinfectant and sanitizer spray service during your spring cleaning. This service quickly kills germs on any hard, nonporous facility surface, large or small, including flooring, doors, elevators, escalators, light switches, doorknobs and handrails.

Deep clean restrooms: Tackle restrooms by implementing a deep cleaning service that removes built-up soils by sanitizing all restroom surfaces and fixtures using a high-pressure, chemical injection sprayer. This technique cleans surfaces from top to bottom and removes all soil and dirty water to prevent cross-contamination and odor-causing bacteria to help your restrooms sparkle again.

Clean mats: To provide a welcoming entrance with clean, dry floors, regularly vacuum and launder your mats to remove contaminants and moisture. An alternative to purchasing mats is to rent them. A professional mat service delivers fresh, clean mats on a regular basis to help protect floors year-round.

Supply quality hand hygiene products: Many building occupants and visitors have come to expect and value hand hygiene stations in facilities. To promote a healthy environment and help prevent the spread of germs, consider placing hand sanitizer stands and dispensers strategically around your facility.

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