While the number of surfaces needing to be cleaned at a constant rate has been growing, the amount of time to clean has not. It has become a struggle for businesses and facilities meet these new demands without hiring more staff.

However, if you work to reduce time needed to clean other areas, you can make time for your new demands. A perfect opportunity for that is to replace vacuuming and sweeping with a battery-operated vacuum sweeper.

Vacuum sweepers, such as the IPC Eagle Smart Vac, can take your cleaning time for floors and cut it significantly. The Smart Vac can clean 5x faster than a backpack vacuum and 10x faster than an upright vacuum.

Cleaning a 10,000 square foot area now can take twenty minutes where before it could have taken nearly three and a half hours to effectively vacuum. That additional three hours of time can be used now to accomplish other cleaning tasks.

2. Keep Spaces Cleaner with Dirt Defense

When entering buildings from the outdoors, the soles on the bottom of the shoes of all pedestrians are capturing the debris on the sidewalk and bringing it into the indoors. Per every 1500 pedestrians entering a building, 100 grams enters a building and in wet conditions, that amount is increased to 1200 grams.

94% of indoor soil is brought in from foot traffic and if transferred to carpeting, only 10% would be removed by a standard vacuum.

With this much soil being brought in, an easy, but not always obvious fix is to remove the dirt before it is brought inside, defending from the mess, or Dirt Defense.

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, vacuum sweepers can be used for light outdoor cleaning. The sidewalks before entering the building and the entryways can be cleaned effectively by a vacuum sweeper, thus reducing the amount of dirt and debris brought into the building.

3. Minimizing Disturbances

One of the most distracting noises can be a vacuum cleaner. At 75 decibels, a vacuum cleaner is often louder than conversations, forcing them to be put on pause during cleaning. This can be a nuisance for occupants in a building and a productivity diminisher for office settings and school settings if cleaning at the wrong time.

A vacuum sweeper, such as the Smart Vac, however, can be operated at a 55-decibel rating which is a quieter rate than normal conversations, thus allowing them to continue with minimal distractions. Now, with a vacuum sweeper, it is much easier to do day cleaning with others in the area.

4. Provide Full Coverage Cleaning and Clean Air

Vacuum sweepers offer much higher productivity than upright and backpack vacuums, making it much easier to clean the entire surface including edges, rather than just spot cleaning that often happens. Because of this, carpet is better-maintained and there is less of a chance that dust and soil can be reintroduced back into the air due to foot traffic and air currents.

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